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Hotaru's Dream World
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My Sailor Moon Colection

Be prepaired it's huge (I know I probobly forgot a lot)

POSTERS:6,2sailorstars series,1saturn,1holo.,1normal form, 1R series MOVIES:a moonstar is born,scouts unite,evil eyes,jupiter and venus arive,secret idenities,good queen bad queen,doom tree,,, PLUSH DOLLS: jupiter,luna,uranus,neptune,pluto,tuxedo mask,chibi moon DOLLS:huge venus, med. moon and chibi moon,small chibi moon BOOKS:magna6,7,superS2,3,4,novel1,Resorse Book Pen1, Hat1,Folder1,Calender1,Shirts2,CARDS:packs:Mars,Jupiter,Venus alot of 6 packs.....2Card Decks I know I have more I just can't remember all of it